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high hat fixtures boxed out before covering with 20 inches of loose-fill insulation

High hat fixtures boxed out with rigid insulation before covering loose-fill insulation to a depth of 20 inches in a Harleysville, PA attic.

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According to a US Department of Energy fact sheet, heating and cooling account for up to 70% of the energy used in the average American home and inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of energy waste in most homes.  In fact, most homes, even those recently built, are under-insulated. 

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With an under-insulated home in the summer, the heat transfers through the attic and walls.  In the summer, this makes the interior of your home hot and humid.  In the winter, heat escapes leaving the home feeling cold and drafty.  Worse yet, gaps in insulation around pipes, ducts, and wiring allow for air to transfer directly between conditioned to unconditioned spaces. 

I recently had my basement finished.  It was very cold and dreary.  Mark completely insulated my basement to make it more energy efficient, conserving energy and saving me on my heating bills.  The room is comfortable and beautiful now. 

Lisa, Bensalem, PA

Installing the right insulation and proper attic ventilation often pays for itself in energy savings within just a few years… and continues saving you money for as long as you own the home.  Proper insulation will also increase the comfort of your home, extend the life of your heating and cooling systems, as well as decrease your home’s impact on the environment. 

Why choose Tripod Insulation & Solar?

  • Tripod Insulation & Solar** has been helping people in the Philadelphia area stay comfortable and save on their heating and cooling bills for nearly 50 years. 
  • Our associates have experience with a wide range of products and can recommend the most cost-effective solution for your building’s unique needs. 
  • high hat fixtures boxed out before covering with 20 inches of loose-fill insulation

    A layered approach - A coating of spray foam insulation followed with batts of fiberglass and then sealed with Solar Seal Air Barrier to insulate a crawlspace outside of Collegeville, PA.

  • We seal small air leaks using closed-cell polyurethane foam and larger arras with an air-tight polymer film. 
  • We have experience with loose-fill blown insulation, fiberglass insulation in rolls and batts, rigid foam insulation board, and closed-cell spray foam insulation.  We recommend the right insulation for the job. 
  • We use only certified products from reputable manufacturers like CertainTeed, Johns Mansville, Owens Corning, and Knauff. 
  • We box out fixtures and insulate attic access stairs with rigid foam insulation to reduce air infiltration. 
  • Our team of experienced installers are reliable and professional. 
  • We pride ourselves on doing a quality job while respecting the client’s space, always keeping the job site neat and cleaning up afterwards. 

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