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Acoustical Insulation

Need Quiet? Tripod Insulation & Solar has what you need. 

Whether you are looking for sound reducing fabric-covered wall panels, acoustical ceilings, portable noise barriers, or need walls constructed that are packed with sound absorbing material and finished with sound absorbing sheetrock, we have the experience to get the job done right! 

Of course, every space and situation is different… and the best solution for a home theater below the infant’s bedroom is much different than the best solution for a night club or a corporate board room.  In many cases, a combination of products may yield the best results.  The professionals at Tripod Insulation & Solar can recommend and install the right solution for your specific acoustical insulation needs. 

Below are brief descriptions of some of the products we install.  Contact us for more information. 


Here are just a few places where acoustical insulation from Tripod Insulation and Solar can be used to improve sound quality. 

Auditoriums, Cafeterias, Churches

The walls of large open spaces are often built of acoustically reflective materials.  This makes it difficult to hear speakers clearly.  Acoustical Insulation can reduce the effect of reflecting sound, greatly improving vocal clarity. 


Often schools are busy places and keeping each student’s attention is important.  The right acoustical insulation not only reduce distractions from outside the room but can also be configured to make the instructor s words easier to understand. 

Converted Factories

Many former manufacturing facilities have been converted into office or retail space.  Although inexpensive when compared to many alternatives, these building have extremely poor acoustics which can be dramatically improved with the right acoustical insulation. 

Corporate Conference & Meeting Rooms

Meeting and conference rooms are used to discuss important business.  It’s critical that everyone can be heard clearly whether in an office or a manufacturing environment.  The proper acoustical insulation can improve vocal articulation and minimize distractions from outside the room. 

Home Theaters

Many people try to recreate the ’theater experience’ in their own home.  Unfortunately there are many acoustical challenges to creating that big theater sound in a much smaller room… and once you do, keeping the sound in the room.  The right acoustical insulation can improve your theater experience inside the room while allowing life to go on in the rest of the house. 

Multi-Family Dwellings

Townhouses, Condos, Twins and Row Homes… it’s a common complaint, noisy neighbors.  The common wall transmits sound from one unit to the next.  Acoustical insulation can minimize the sound transmitted through wall, keeping the peace in more ways than one. 

Sound Reducing Panels

Sound Reducing Panels come in a variety of products including sound absorbers, diffusers, and noise barriers.

Sound Absorbers come in a variety of materials and are used to eliminate sound reflections, improving clarity.  From dimensional fabrics and foam to high density glass fiber panels, sound absorbers remove acoustic energy. 

Diffusers can be use as an alternative or to complement sound adsorption.  Diffusers do not remove sound energy, but can be used to reduce the effect of reflected sound.  The irregular surface reduces the intensity of sound by scattering it in many different directions over an expanded area. 

Tripod Insulation & Solar installs a full range of acoustical panels manufactured by MBI Products and Golterman & Sabo.  Sound Reducing Panels come in many different colors and styles.  Panels can be either wall mounted or portable. 

Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustical ceiling tiles are designed to improve sound quality.  Like the Sound Reducing Panels, acoustical ceilings can be used to absorb and reduce the reflection of sound, or to diffuse the sound by reflecting it in multiple directions. 

An acoustical ceiling not only reduces the noise level within the room, it also reduces the sound transmitted from the adjacent or exterior space above.  We install brands like Armstrong, USG, and Chicago Metallic.  Each comes with a manufacturers warranty and will perform for years to come. 

Acoustical ceilings are perfect for both residential and commercial applications.  With new innovative patterns and designs, there are styles that will match or enhance any decor from restaurants and theaters to home theaters and finished basements. 

Sound Reducing Sheetrock

Sound reducing sheetrock may be the answer where sound transmission through walls is a concern.  We install both SoundBreak from National Gypsum, and Quiet Rock by Serious Materials.  Both are multi-layered drywall products that sandwich a layer of viscoelastic polymers between two layers of gypsum and can be used for any drywall application. 

When professionally installed, sound reducing sheet rock can deliver solid sound reduction, with an STC rating (a measure of sound reduction) of 47 to 52 in a typical remodeling situation.  Even greater noise reduction can be achieved using specific construction techniques or a combination of materials. 

Sound reducing sheetrock has both residential and commercial applications.  It is a cost-efficient material that is easily finished and decorated in the same manner as standard gypsum board. Hotels, schools, hospitals, and office buildings can all benefit by reducing the sound transmitted through walls.  Residential uses include walls between townhouses and condos, as well as in home theaters. 

Baffles & Banners

Often found hanging from unfinished ceilings and walls in gymnasiums, theaters, arenas, and converted factories, the baffles and banners reduce sound intensity and improve speech intelligibility. 

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