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Blown-In Blanket Contractors Association

BIBS® completely fills voids around electrical, plumbing, and HVAC
systems embedded within walls. 

The BIBS® system creates a seamless blanket of insulation that custom fits
any size or shape cavity 

The BIBS® system can also be used to retro-fit existing walls 

Thermal Insulation...

Blown-In Blanket System (BIBS)

The Blow-In-Blanket System [BIBS®] is a patented, proven, time-tested insulation system that completely fills the structural cavities of your building with a blanket of fiberglass insulation.  When properly applied, it fills all of the gaps and voids.  This reduces air infiltration, providing greater thermal efficiency and sound reduction than traditional rolled and batted insulation. 

BIBS® is the perfect insulation for new construction, additions, and renovations.  The loose-fill insulation is held in place by a vapor permeable mesh net and is blown in dry.  It never settles or separates, corrodes pipes or wires, or produces mold or mildew.  In addition to sidewalls and metal framing, BIBS is ideal for under floors, in ceilings and wherever acoustic control is needed. 

R-Values using BIBS®*


2 x 43½ inches15
2 x 65½ inches23
2 x 87¼ inches30
2 x 109¼ inches39
2 x 1211¼ inches47

* - Statistics courtesy of BIBCA

BIBS® offers outstanding thermal performance and high R-values, cutting utility bills and contributing to an energy-efficient building. 

Tripod Insulation and Solar’s experienced BIBS® installers receive training in thermal insulation, air infiltration, moisture mitigation, and ventilation to insure maximum performance.  We only use BIBS approved insulation material.  This chemical free, fire-resistant, and moisture-resistant fiberglass insulation comes from companies you’ve known and trusted for years, like CertainTeed, Johns Manville, and Knauf. 

The BIBS® Advantage:

Custom Fit

The BIBS® system provides a custom fit making it perfect for irregularly shaped wall cavities and in areas where pipes, wires, electrical boxes and other items interfere with the installation of traditional insulation.  It completely fills around objects and eliminates voids and seams. 

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Uniform Density

The BIBS® system creates a seamless blanket of insulation regardless of the shape or size of the cavity.  Batts must be cut to fit irregularly shaped areas and can leave gaps and seams that allow heat or air conditioning to escape. 

No Settling

Settling can occur with traditional insulation in vaulted ceilings and where the insulation isn’t secured properly.  This can leave gaps and voids, reducing the energy efficiency of your building.  The BIBS® system completely eliminates settling, completely insulating the cavity. 


Tests show that when Blow-In-Blanket insulation is installed by certified BIBS® installers, gaps are virtually eliminated and superior sound control is achieved. 
(Test results available upon request)

Contact us today and learn more about Blown-In-Blanket Insulation and how your building can benefit using BIBS installed by Tripod Insulation & Solar. 

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